How to make better decisions. Everyday Tip #40

I freeze up when I have to make a decision. And since I'm an adult and making decisions is what adults do, it happens a lot.

If you find yourself saddled with "analysis paralysis" well, join the club! One thing I need to work on is to be better about not ignoring my gut feelings. But since I find a lot of comfort in analyzing my options, I end up spending all my time "researching" instead of making a choice; the trick is learning to balance both approaches to decision making.

So here's what I've learned. Hope it helps you as well!

  • Don't discount your gut: Gary Klein calls your gut instinct "an accumulation of experience converted to fast-flash thinking." When you think of it this way, why would you discount it? Trust yourself.

  • If you have trouble figuring out what your preferences are, flip a coin. How do you feel when the coin makes the decision for you? Are you relieved or disappointed? Your reaction will tell you how you really feel.

  • And for fun, think creatively about your options. (I love this part. Maybe a little too much.)

  • Finally, let go of your perfectionism; Once you've made the big decisions don't stress over every detail. There is no way to guarantee a perfect answer.