Bring flowers home. Everyday tip #64

I love getting flowers as a gift, but nothing beats buying flowers for myself.

I recently reviewed a flower arranging kit for work and it taught me two things:

1. Inexpensive flowers are just as nice as expensive ones (see my arrangement of tulips and daffodils from the grocery store above)

2. The right tools make all the diference

This isn't about your buying the kit I reviewed -- it's about not using incompetence as an excuse. I love flowers, but I hated the way they looked when I arranged them at home. Truth be told, I also dislike the way florists arrange them sometimes -- I'm very particular about what I like (no! baby's! breaaaath!) -- and when I realized that all I really needed was some tape and a good pair of clippers, why! That has made ALL the difference.

Truth be told, a bit of research online would have told me what I needed to make pretty arrangements at home. Yes, it's such a cliche homemaking skill, but I like fresh flowers and I'd rather not pay a fortune when I need or want an arrangement.

Think about something that brings you joy that you can learn to do for yourself. Baking? Drawing? Sewing? Could you try doing it yourself at least once?