Perfectly Boring. Everyday #112

This ad for a Lancome anti-aging cream featuring Kate Winslet caught my eye because you can see lines in the corners of her eyes and lips -- you know, like a normal person.

It caught my attention because it wasn't "perfect." Look, I'm no innocent, I know the rest of the face was photoshopped. I'm not even sure that the lines weren't photoshopped in to be just so. But still, they're there, and I like them.

In fact, in the full ad she is reflected in a mirror and the fine lines (I refuse to call them wrinkles because they're just lines, not imperfections -- you need them so you can blink) are shown twice. I think they're showing them off. I also think it makes her more beautiful. More human.

Remember my obsessions with wabi sabi? My knowledge is imperfect (see what I did there?) but I think this is the same thing. Our imperfections are what make us interesting.

Trying to be perfect is so exhausting, and it makes you boring. Won't you rather be interesting?