Rainy days and Mondays... Everyday #113

Today was a rare rainy day after a warm winter.

You don't even know how odd is it to write that as a Bostonian. Crappy weather is our birthright, as is complaining about it.

But lately we've had nice weather. So much of it, that I feel like we've had summer already. A few years ago it was cold until May, and then it rained ALL of June. Summer lasted 4 weeks.

This year, it's been summer all year. I've loved it, and I've taken it for granted.

Today it was cold and rainy. I enjoyed it so. I watched my son play a soccer game in the rain (he scored the first goal in the game, and his team won!) then we went home to warm up with some cream of wheat and we spent the day inside.

It was awesome, to be trapped inside by the weather.

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. A rainy and cold day puts it all in perspective.