The one where I hung out with a bunch of fakes in Miami. Everyday #130

Guys. Mom 2.0 in Miami was amazing.

Miami is my hometown. It’s a place where I belong. From the bellhop who could tell I was a local the second I walked into the hotel to all the memories I had left behind and that hit me from every corner of Key Biscayne, I was in my comfort zone.

But there is another reason I felt so comfortable.

I was comfortable because I was surrounded by fakes.

Of course, I don't mean that I think that my fellow writers and entrepreneurs are a bunch of phonies -- they were all super intimidating and obviously amazing women of the highest caliber -- but the theme of this conference for me was that we all suffer from Impostor Syndrome.

I heard it from the newer bloggers I met, the ones who shyly told me about their reasons for blogging or their new business they were working so hard to get off the ground.

I heard it from old friends who are superstars in their own right, who have succeed at this blogging thing for years, yet confessed that they felt like impostors.

I heard it on stage, from fabulously successful women like Liz Lange, and Brene Brown and Pilar Guzmán; yes, even these women admitted to feeling like someone is going to find out they're not really as impressive as they really are.

And of course, I heard it from myself as I prepared for the conference and for my panel and I couldn't relax because who cares about what I have to say anyway?

Turns out that some people do. And some don't. But what matters is that I keep putting it out there, because chances are that that person that intimidates the hell out of me is feeling like an impostor themselves.

I wish that wasn't the case. I wish I had a solution for it. (I don't.) But if I'm going to feel like a fake, I might as well aim high. What good does sitting at home feeling like a fraud do?

It helps no one. So it's best to ignore those feelings and keep going.

I love going to blogging conferences; nothing beats talking and hugging people face-to-face (actually, it’s pretty hard to hug someone on-screen but you know what I mean).

Here are some pictures I stole off other people's cameras. (I need to be better about taking pictures!)

Regan, who is taking me to Jamaica with her (she thinks I'm kidding) and Erin (and Stella!)

I finally got to meet Ana and she's like a sister now. 

Speaking of sisters, here I am with some of the latina contingent at the Versace mansion. Thanks for the photo, Blanca!

And here's my picture with Jenny. She's as nice as she sounds on her blog.

UPDATED! (I can't believe I forgot this one) Friends at the back of the bus: Karen, Helen Jane, Sarah and poor Jenny who looks like she wants to get the hell out of there. (Sorry!) -- Thanks for the picture, Kami!

So of course I did a lot of hugging and a lot of listening and a lot of laughing at this conference. The end.

No, not really.

I also got to speak. I was on the “From Mom Blogger to Mom Who Blogs” panel with my girls Susan, Pam, Sarah and Danielle. The fabulous Leslie liveblogged it for us, so you can read what we talked about on the Mom 2 blog if you missed it. (Thanks, Leslie!)

Thank you, ladies of Mom 2.0. You know who you are. Thank you for your honesty, for the conversations, the meals, the cab rides and the booze. For featuring my bath robed leg in your outfit shots, roommate. For the laughs. The encouragement. For listening. For telling me you read my blog, and for being nice even when you had no idea who I was. For inspiring me to take new adventures.

For the opportunities -- yay, for the opportunities!

And for telling me, twice, that you think I look like Penelope Cruz. (You probably need glasses, but I love you anyway.)