Why wait?

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the end-of-school flurry of activities and ceremonies. All the picnics and field trips and presentations are fun things on their own, but because they are all packed into the same week they turn into last minute obligations. And it makes me tired. It's hard to enjoy yourself when you're so tired!

But what really gets to me is that it's not just my kid's schools that leave all the fun stuff for the end -- I do the same thing, and you probably do as well. We've all been told to "save the best for last" but I'm starting to think that it's not very good advice -- wouldn't it make more sense to spread out the fun stuff?

Instead of stressing over one big party, you could host smaller ones throughout the year.

Instead of saving your nice clothes, you could wear them now.

Instead of saving the ripe tomatoes for later in the week, why not enjoy them now, while they're still fresh?

Instead of saving your talent -- that thing you can do that will wow them someday -- perhaps it is better to impress them now. You may never get the chance.

Instead of waiting for a holiday to let people know you love and care about them, why not tell them now?

I know, I know -- we're all really busy now. But chances are we'll be just as busy later. Fun is as important as duty.

I don't mean to add more stress to your life -- I certainly don't need more urgency this week -- but my plan is to do a better job of spreading everything out, both the good and the bad. But mostly the good, because it's more enjoyable, duh. Will you join me?