All quiet on the blogging front. Or simply, 36.

I turned 36 yesterday. I'm officially too old to check the 18-35 box in forms, which means I'm not in the most marketable demographic anymore. Tragic!

I suppose this should make me feel irrelevant, but thankfully that is not the case. What I am is tired!

I don't feel irrelevant at home -- my boys need me more than ever. I'm not necessarily complaining, they are so much fun! However, if I happen to waste even one afternoon at the DMV our house falls into chaos. I'm sure the same thing happens at your house, and you probably agree with me that this is ridiculous. The schedule gets thrown for three hours and suddenly there is no food for the children, laundry piles up, the kids get bored and cranky and whiny. It would be flattering, really, except that I feel an intense pressure to never get sick.

I know it won't always be this way, that the kids will someday be more independent, but we are definitely in the thick of it.

(Speaking of the DMV, here's my old license photo from 10 years ago and the new temporary picture. I think look more like myself in the new picture, despite the unfortunate hair going on there. The nice DMV lady gently tried to get me to take another picture, but I told her to just make sure I was registered to vote. "You are," she said. "Then let's do this. I've got to go pick up the kids at school." Civic and motherly duties trumped vanity at last. I guess this means I'm finally growing up. Progress!)

Another place I don't feel irrelevant is in my work. I'm getting to do so many cool things in my role at Sway, where my Big Fancy Title is Brand Marketing Director (at my advanced age fancy titles are very soothing, so humor me) and I get to shepherd companies big and small into the wild and wonderful world of new media. It's fun, and I get to work with some fun people. So that's good -- but busy!

And then, there's my other work as a blogger. I know I've been quiet around here and at Frog & Snail, but the past few months have been a flurry of busy. Just in the past month I went to New York City to attend the Social Good Summit -- much more on that in another post -- and last week I hosted an event for Levi's on behalf of Babble. That was certainly different from my average Thursday afternoon!

My favorite part of the whole thing was being handed a flyer with my picture on it as I walked into the huge Macy's at Downtown Crossing. And then, seeing my picture on store signage -- I absolutely dorked out and made someone take a picture of me with the signs. For my mom, of course!

When I was 16 or even 26* I couldn't even fathom what being 36 would be like. Now that I'm 36, I can say that it is nowhere near as boring as I feared, nor as exciting as I hoped. However, I do get to drink fancy martinis on the regular and laugh and learn and just hang out with amazing people, so it's all good.

*When I was 6 I knew for a fact that I was going to be the next Jane Goodall, but that certainly hasn't worked out. Plus Jane is still out there being herself, so there's no need for a next one.

Here's to another awesome year -- and thanks for reading for so long. You guys make me accountable. I promise to keep it interesting, if you promise to do the same.