All of us have eyes.

Sometimes you're scrolling through Facebook and you click on a link about cats and cartoons (as one is wont to do on Facebook) and then you get to the end and you read words that basically sum up your philosophy on life and make you feel less despair over the selfishness and cruelty that seems to be everywhere thanks in part to the internet and Facebook. 

Be kind. 

"All of us have eyes. But those eyes are attached to brains, and brains sculpt what we take in, emphasizing this, avoiding that, so that one man and one cat can be as many men and as many cats as the number of people looking. If you're a salesperson, trial lawyer, cop, robber, politician, parent, friend, anybody ... this is worth remembering."

Read the full article: One Man. One Cat. Multiplied. By Robert Krulwirch on NPR.

Illustration by: Mike Holmes