Vermont is so sexy you guys

Vermont is so sexy you guys.

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (really, is there any way to avoid a blogger these days?) I feel compelled to update you on what has happened in my life since The Blizzard.

Here's a hint:

Colder than it looks. #Vermont

Yes! Snow! And then, more Snow! Because, we are morons, apparently.

We rounded up the kids and every piece of fleece and waterproof clothing in the house and joined some friends in Vermont for February vacation. I'm not going to lie, if it was up to me, we would have gone somewhere less frigid -- but in the end the vacation was lovely. Turns out I love snowy mountains, as long as I'm not forced on skis.

Yes, I tried skiing AGAIN. Despite my hatred for the cold and slippery side of winter. I hate driving in snow, hell, I hate walking in I really have no business downhill skiing. BUT I'm married to an Austrian, and I hadn't been on skis since a disastrous lesson back when we were dating. I probably don't need to tell you that that lesson ended in tears. Well this one didn't end in tears, but in stoic resignation.

It did, however, begin in tears. I had an epic meltdown when they ran out of poles and no one could decide if beginners needed poles or not and OMGIAMNOTMADEFORTHISSTUPIDSPORT! STAB! STAB! HATE.

By the end of the two hour lesson I was smugly counting down the seconds, because it meant that I will never get on skis again. I will leave that to my children and husband.

However, I was on a mountain called Mt. Snow for goodness sake, so I had to find something to do in the white stuff. So I tried snowshoeing and I loved it!

You guys, I found my winter sport!

The snowshoeing group consisted of a bunch of badass grandmas and me. Not surprisingly, the grandmas were in much better shape than I am, since I had to ask for breaks twice during our two hour hike up Mt. Snow. The so-called grandmas? They gently patted me on the shoulder and consoled me ("you just said what we were thinking, dear" -- yeah, right!)

You know what's so great about snowshoeing? There is no sliding involved. The shoes are so grippy that I wasn't afraid to hike up and down a mountain covered in wet snow. It was fun, you guys. Winter is great as long as you have the right gear, and to me that means no slipping and staying dry. Therefore, snowshoeing gets two thumbs up.

What can I say? It's logic.
After much begging, the 5 year old is at the Burton snowboarding school and, at least from afar, he seems at home.

My sons all skied, including the three year old. But the five year old has been obsessed with snowboarding lately, so we signed him up for the Burton program at the mountain. He was in heaven. The seven year old turned eight while on the mountain, skiing. It was great, except for the fact that it was 6 degrees and windy two of the days, and that called for a lot of gear. A LOT.

Guess who was responsible for getting them all dressed and at their classes on time?

That's right.

But I didn't mind, because once I dropped the boys and husband off at their respective spots on the slopes, I went back to the hotel and treated myself to my book and my coffee and sugar waffles.

This is my reward for getting all four guys dressed and on the slopes. It's something pathetic, like 6 degrees out there. *pats self on back*

Winter vacation? You were good to us.