Sunday Papers and Electronic Wallpaper

So, we are now all sick...thanks, winter break!

It hasn't been too bad for me, I must admit, mainly because the boys are the ones who are sick and not me -- yet I've spent the past two days in my pjs because if they get to do it so do I (poor dears, they actually are quite miserable). In any case, I got to read the Sunday papers for the first time in a while, and I was charmed to see that Lucy Kellaway has the same feelings about ski vacations and snow shoeing as I do:
We clipped the plastic paddles on to our walking boots and set off, crunch, crunch, crunch. Within the first three steps I knew I had found my thing. The trouble with skis is that they encourage you to fall over, whereas snow shoes are designed to keep you upright. Trudging along in them is a bit tiring but you feel so secure that you can look around you, which is surely the whole point.

Great minds and all that.


(Image from the Financial Times)

The other thing which I found mildly terrifying, is that they are now working on electronic wallpaper. Imagine, now you can have Facebook and Twitter and Skype on your walls! (And don't forget the ads and tracking of your every move!)

Isn't that the most awful thing you've ever heard of?

We should enjoy these last few years of relative freedom from the internet. I'm as trapped by technology as anyone, but at least I can let the iPhone battery die out. Being literally surrounded by the internet would drive me crazy. Or crazier, perhaps.