Pivot Boston 3

It's hard to believe, but we have just (as of this Friday night) put on the latest (sold out!) Pivot Boston event. This one was especially fun, because we focused on Style Pivots.

I mean, style? How much more fun can you have? And how much talk of it can professional Boston ladies stand?

Turns out, a lot of it. 

One of the questions we wanted to answer is why is style so intimidating?

Part of the problem is that “style” is often sold as, well, something to buy. As much as I enjoy flicking through fashion magazines and shopping blogs, they do encourage the false notion that “style” can be had as long as you purchase the latest thing. Style has nothing to do with trends or trying on a persona - it’s an expression of who you are and should therefore have some constant truths as well as evolve over time.

Just as you do.

So anyway, we pivoted around style and had some fun. 

Sponsor MiniLuxe gave participant quick polish changes...

HoneyJo led master classes on hair (I'm so sad I missed them, because I need help!)

And Epiphanie gave away a gorgeous Charlotte metallic bag in chevron. I totally shed a tear when I handed it over to the winner.

Our title sponsor, One Medical, also gave away complimentary one year memberships to their concierge medical group. (Because you've got to be well to look good!)

If you are in Boston, you can also get the same deal if you register by 6/07/2013. Just go their site, and enter promotion code OM13YBOS06 on the membership confirmation page. (Thanks, One Medical!)

Will I see you at Pivot Boston 4? (I hope so!)