How to ask for a boy's cut at the barbershop

Rockport's Barbershop 02/1973


I love taking my boys to the barbershop - it's cheaper than a hair salon or one of those kid's cuts places at the mall, and the boys get to be around other men and boys. Barbershops tend to be local institutions, and the vibe is definitely more low-key than at most hair salons.

However, I have the hardest explaining what I want when I go to the barbershop. "Um, something not to short or not too long, you know?"

No, usually the barber doesn't know, and my son ends up looking like Moe. Not good. Just say No to the Moe! The problem is that I don't speak "barber." So I got to googling and found the solution: This guide at is a lifesaver. We all know what a "faux hawk" is (thanks Angelina!) but do you know what the "Ivy League", "High and Tight", "Business Man" or a "Burr" is? Well, now you do!

By the way, what I need to ask for is a tapered cut with a natural arch and a tapered nape.