The eight year checkup

The other day I took my oldest to his yearly check-up. It was half a year past his birthday, but whatever. It happens. 

As the pediatrician went over his notes, he asked me follow up question about concerns I'd brought up over the years. 

"Did you ever check out that potential shellfish allergy?"

"Yes, he went to his brother's allergist. He's all clear. He eats shrimp and lobster with no problems."

"Good. What about his speech?"

"Speech?" I was confused. 

"It says here that you were worried about his pronounciation," he looked at his notes again, "you were going to follow up with a speech pathologist."

"Oh. No, he's fine. I mean, he says some words in a funny way, but it's getting better."

"Good. I gotta admit I kahnt heahr it."

Oh dear, "kahnt"? That was the moment I realized that my son didn't have a speech problem. He was simply developing a Boston accent.