The Gift

Here’s a story for you: I injured my toe last week which means that I haven’t been able to go to yoga. I know, I know...but this isn’t about yoga.


I was so frustrated - just when I finally fall into a habit that feels good, my stupid couch just had to get in the way! I was told to give the foot a chance to heal, and while I know it’s good advice, I could still feel the frustration building: That time was mine, and it was taken from me.

At some point I decided to clean out my papers and found a spa gift card from way back in September (my birthday) - it just sat there forgotten for no good reason at all. Nothing was stopping me from using the hours I had carved for my yoga practice, something that felt so good, doing something *else* that felt good. So that’s how I started my week getting a massage first thing on a Monday. It felt good - and not just because massages feel good, but because it was gifted to me with love and I had ignored that gesture for no good reason at all.

The gift was generous, so I had enough left over for a second session and when I scheduled it I decided to book it for Valentine’s day - as a Valentine to myself.

Make the time. And when you find it, don’t waste it.