Play and Failure

If you've ever heard of Growth Mindsets vs Fixed Mindsets, you've heard about the work of Dr. Carol S. Dweck - if you haven't, I highly recommend you check out her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.  

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, here it is in a nutshell: 

  • When you have a fixed mindset you believe that you were born with fixed talents. This causes a fear of looking dumb in front of others because deep down you don't believe you can redeem yourself once others discover your flaws and weaknesses.

  • In a growth mindset, you understand that your abilities and intelligence are a work in progress that are developed by effort, learning from mistakes, and consistent work. 

 To be clear, having a growth mindset doesn’t mean that you think everyone can do everything, but it means that you believe that everyone is born with different abilities which are simply a starting point for their infinite potential. 

 It seems crazy that anyone would choose to be stuck in a fixed mindset. Why would you do that to yourself? 

 We do it because the fixed mindset is comfortable. The hardest thing to say is, "I gave it everything I had and it wasn't enough." But ultimately, if you live with a fixed mindset, you’re making your life small in order to perform perfection for others. 

 Today's message is simple: You are allowed to fail. You have my permission!

 That's it. 

 You don't need my permission, of course, but you have it anyway. Go ahead and discover those 10,000 ways that don’t work - and enjoy every step of the way!