Maps in Boy's Rooms

Isn't this so obviously, deliciously perfect? I mean of course -- maps! In boy's rooms! What a clever way to add color and tie in a crazy non-color scheme together. Plus, it's educational and encourages exploration. What's not to love?

The owner of this bedroom was kind enough to post how she did it on Flickr -- be sure to check it out. The giant map/mural is from a company called Environmental Graphics, and while it's not cheap at $150 I think it's well worth the impact.

I have since become a woman obsessed and have started obsessively researching maps. There's so much you can do -- I'm getting wanderlust just looking at these rooms!

Kimba from has a nice tutorial for this DIY map frame. The perfect finishing touch!

This room from Pottery Barn is totally doable -- just collect random maps and wallpaper the walls. They don't even have to match to look great.

Isn't this dresser from Bryonie Porter just divine? WANT.

Are you inspired to cover something in maps? Get your free (huge) digital collage sheets from PaperScraps on Flickr here.

Today is the day.

Image thebigharumph

I'm on a decorating kick in real life, so I apologize for two art posts in a row.

I came across this print on Etsy and it hit me: Boys don't get too many positive messages. It seems that somewhere along the way affirmations become too girly -- whatever that means.

I like the message and the look of this poster.