{Babble} My Parenting Resolutions for 2013

I know it's absolutely uncool to make resolutions these days, but old habits die hard, and I've never claimed to be hip.

I love taking the last few days of the year to plan out the next -- I've been making personal resolutions since I got my first Super Secret Journal (thank you, Harriet the Spy!), but one thing I've never done is make parenting resolutions. Maybe it's because being a parent is all-encompassing, maybe it's because I enjoy being selfish (for once) when laying out my intentions for the upcoming year.

But if I find resolutions to be so helpful in mapping my life, why should I ignore parenting, which is a huge part of it?

The answer, of course, is that I shouldn't.

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It's easy to get carried away and resolve to fix every mistake I've made in the seven years I've been a mother. As a veteran resolution maker, I know that doing this is a recipe for disaster. So this year I'm setting three resolutions to make parenting more fun.

 1. Assign chores

I know this sounds like a joke, but I've slacked on this because it was actually easier to do things myself when they were younger, but the kids are 7, 5, and 3 now -- they're old enough to do some simple chores around the house. You're welcome, future spouses.

2. Stop sneaking peeks at the iPhone

I'm not going to lie to myself and swear off Facebook and email entirely. But I will stop pretending that the kids don't notice when I sneak a peek (or two of ten) at my phone. Instead I will announce it, out loud, with my voice, both for their sakes and mine. I think that saying "kids, I'm going to check my phone for five minutes" out loud will make it obvious to me how often I check that thing, and how ridiculous it is.

(Wish me luck, fellow addicts.)

3. More family photos

I take dozens of pictures a day. There were no family pictures last year. Not one. That is going to change. I will take one family portrait a month with the camera's self-timer, and maybe I'll actually hire a photographer to take a picture of all of us this year. I think we deserve it!

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