The Gift

Here’s a story for you: I injured my toe last week which means that I haven’t been able to go to yoga. I know, I know...but this isn’t about yoga.


I was so frustrated - just when I finally fall into a habit that feels good, my stupid couch just had to get in the way! I was told to give the foot a chance to heal, and while I know it’s good advice, I could still feel the frustration building: That time was mine, and it was taken from me.

At some point I decided to clean out my papers and found a spa gift card from way back in September (my birthday) - it just sat there forgotten for no good reason at all. Nothing was stopping me from using the hours I had carved for my yoga practice, something that felt so good, doing something *else* that felt good. So that’s how I started my week getting a massage first thing on a Monday. It felt good - and not just because massages feel good, but because it was gifted to me with love and I had ignored that gesture for no good reason at all.

The gift was generous, so I had enough left over for a second session and when I scheduled it I decided to book it for Valentine’s day - as a Valentine to myself.

Make the time. And when you find it, don’t waste it.

Little Mountains

Good morning! Are you out there getting things done and crushing goals and all that motivational talk stuff? Or are you hiding under the covers? Or are you like me, somewhere in between?


Don’t get me wrong,  I like getting things done and I like goals. I actually get TONS of things done all the time. I bet you do too. Climb every mountain and all that. But I have learned that I’m not the type that wants to climb Mount Everest. I like keeping work to a manageable amount. I get it done in bite-sized pieces. It makes life easier. 

Turns out I like to climb little mountains. 

I’m not exactly drowning in time, but getting up earlier and doing something towards your goals, whatever they happen to be, feels like a luxury. In the end I’m only actually giving myself an extra ten or fifteen minutes in the morning but - my goodness! - what a delightful fifteen minutes it is! 

I love it, and I hardly know what to do with myself and this precious non-rushed time. Greedy little me just eats it up. With a spoon. A nice big one too, not one of Prufrock’s sad little coffee spoons.